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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Technology Index

What it costs a turtle hatchling to dash to sea
posted on : 13/12/2008

Sydney (IANS): A turtle hatchling's first swim is the most critical of its life. Having run the gauntlet of air and land predators to make it to the sea, the tiny voyager must also evade hungry fish patrolling the beaches in its bid for . More . .
Slowdown has not affected Indian science: Expert
posted on : 13/12/2008

Bangalore (IANS): Science and technology has seen a steady growth in India this year despite the economic slowdown, thanks to resurgence of youngsters' interest in research and development, a top scientist said in Bangalore on Thursday. . More . .
Oldest brain in Britain 'found'
posted on : 13/12/2008

London (PTI): Archaeologists have discovered the remains of what could be the first brain of Britain, which they claim survived 2,000 years in an Iron Age skull. In fact, a team at York Archaeological Trust found the oldest surviving human . More . .
What are we going to be frightened in 2009?
posted on : 11/12/2008

London (GUARDIAN NEWS SERVICE): Apart from terrorism, the growth of our waistlines after Christmas, thecredit crunch and its effect on our jobs and
. More . .

Problems accessing phonebook info
posted on : 11/12/2008

Cambridge (GUARDIAN NEWS SERVICE): I have a phone that will take photographs, function as a GPS device, store 8Gb of music, access the internet, run three different sorts of messaging system, make ordinary phone calls, fit in . More . .
Genetic mutation linked to eye cancer discovered
posted on : 11/12/2008

Toronto (IANS): Canadian researchers have discovered a gene mutation that can lead to the most common eye cancer. . More . .
Ageing brains unable to cope with distracting information
posted on : 09/12/2008

Toronto (IANS): Older adults aren't able to filter out distracting information as readily as youngsters and this effects their ability to memorise things, according to new research. . More . .
Biofuels may harm environment: Experts
posted on : 09/12/2008

Panama City (IANS): Extensive cultivation of biofuel crops, aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas or carbon emissions, have posed the "risk of ultimately harming the environment", experts have said. . More . .

White blood cells 'eat' and gas bacteria
posted on : 09/12/2008

Sydney (IANS): Poisonous gas used as a potent weapon during World War 1, also helps the body fight invading bacteria and controlling infection.This latest research significantly advances previous findings which . More . .

Technology feeds grassroots media
posted on : 03/12/2008

Media are becoming democratised, and a global conversation is emerging.The tools of production - used to create digital content such as blogs, podcasts, wikis, discussions, multiplayer . More . .


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